Mission Statement:                   

"To be the company of choice for the American commercial trucker and keep their trucks moving through Commitment, Integrity and Innovation."


We firmly believe that protecting medium and heavy duty commercial trucks is one small way that we can help keep American products moving. Hard working truck drivers play an important role and grease the wheels of our economy. We are committed to providing a consistent customer service experience, a claims process that is fair and straight forward, and the peace off mind that comes with being a RigNation member.



We pride ourselves on the relationships we have with those who insure and administrate our contracts; those dealerships that sell the trucks and contracts; and the contract holders that drive those trucks each day. Our commitment to strengthening those relationships is our unwavering focus on trust, honesty, compliance and positive business ethics.



We love the saying, "The definition of insanity is continuing to do the same thing and expecting a different result."At RigNation, we understand that being innovative is more than an idea. It takes a collaborative team effort. That's why we are focused on bringing cutting edge products and services that benefit the commercial truck driver every day.

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